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Egypt - Comprehensive Study And Project Preparation For The Nubaria And Ismailia Canals - Project Completion Report


There are many-water related challenges facing Egypt. On the one hand, the growing population of Egypt and related industrial and agricultural activities have increased the demand for water to levels that reach the limits of the available supply. The majority of the population of Egypt is concentrated in the Nile Valley and Delta. To relieve the pressure on the Nile Valley and Delta, the government has embarked on an ambitious programme to increase the inhabited area in Egypt by means of horizontal expansion projects in agriculture and the creation of new industrial areas and cities in the desert. Such new projects increase the demand for water too. On the other hand, water resources in Egypt are limited mainly to the River Nile and therefore the supply is almost fixed. Moreover, pressure on the water resources due to population growth and the related developments have resulted in water pollution and quality issues leading to public health hazards and reducing the amount of good quality water even further.

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