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Egypt - Strengthen the Institute of National Planning (INP) - Project Completion Report


The Project Development Objective was to strengthen the Institute of National Planning (INP) to become a leading planning institution to deliver quality services both nationally and regionally. Established in 1960 as the first independent think-tank institute in the area for Planning and Development, the INP was positioned to play a pivotal role in the area of scientific analysis and planning to support the Egyptian Government in its effort to achieve sustainable development goals and contribute to Egypt’s National Development Plan, as well as support the African region by extending know-how and Best Practices and sharing of information. Over the years, and with the emergence of new mechanisms and concepts, there was a demonstrated need for the INP to upgrade itself with up-to-date equipment, tools and teaching mechanisms that would enable it to carry out its mandate, as well as build capacities in specific and emerging areas. To address these specific needs, the project was designed with two main purposes: i) strengthen INP’s capacity in the areas of teaching, training, research and advisory services through training and equipment; and ii) Improve the delivery of INP products and services to targeted beneficiaries (locally and regionally).

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