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Environmental & Social Assessments

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06-Jul-2005 Multinational - Programme africain relatif aux stocks de pesticides périmes - ESIA Summary
23-Aug-2004 Maroc - Samir Refinery Upgrade Project Mohammedia - Executive Summary
18-Aug-2004 Tunisie - Projet d’aménagement du réseau routier classe - ESMP Summary
28-Jul-2004 Multinational - Eradication of Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis in Sub-Saharan Africa - ESIA Summay
11-Feb-2004 Kenya - Rift Valley Water Supply And Sanitation Project - ESIA Summary
02-Feb-2004 Egypt - Evaluation environnementale du deuxième projet de développement rural de el Beheira - ESIA Summary
02-Dec-2003 Tanzania - Zanzibar Project - ESIA Summary
14-Nov-2003 Cameroon - Aes-Sonel Investment Program - Executive Summary
03-Nov-2003 Multinational - Integrated Management of Invasive Aquatic Weeds Project Environmental Impact Assessment - ESIA Summary
06-Aug-2003 Nigeria - Second National Fadama Developmet Project - ESIA Summary
31-Jul-2003 Swaziland - Upgrading of the Proposed Mbabane bypass Road - ESIA Summary
18-Oct-2002 Ghana - Achimota-Anyinam Road Study - ESIA Summary
09-Oct-2002 Mali - The Moyen Bani Plains Development Programme - ESIA Summary
09-Oct-2002 Ivory Coast - Riviera - Marcory Bridge - ESIA Summary
09-Oct-2002 Gabon - Road Programme Environmental Impact Assessment - ESIA Summary
13-Aug-2002 Mozambique - Natural Gas Project - ESIA Summary
27-Jul-2002 Multinational - Ceb-Nepa 330kv Power Interconnection Project - ESIA Summary
24-Jul-2002 Algeria - East-West Highway Constantine Bypass Project - ESIA Summary
28-Nov-2001 Kenya - Projet d’adduction d’eau et d’assainissement de Nakuru - ESIA Summary
16-Oct-2001 Mauritius - Plaineswilhems Sewerage Project - Summary Environmental Impact Assessment