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Equatorial Guinea - Support for the Development of Value Chains in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector - Appraisal Report


Having become aware of its strong dependence on the oil sector, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (REG) in 2007 launched its Agenda for the Diversification of Sources of Growth, dubbed "Equatorial Guinea 2020". To realize its economic transformation strategy in which the fisheries and aquaculture sector plays a pivotal role, the Government needs substantial investments to address the challenge of the sector’s structural transformation and increase its contribution to the national economy, improved food and nutritional security, the creation of new jobs and improved living conditions of the population. This Support Project for the Development of Value Chains in the Fisheries and Acquaculture Sector (PASPA) falls within this framework and proposes to increase and enhance fish production through sustainable development of industrial fishing, artisanal fishing and aquaculture, and to strengthen the drinking water and sanitation infrastructure. This will ultimately help improve fish supply to the domestic market, reduce imports, export to countries of the sub-region, increase incomes and improve youth employability as well as drinking water and sanitation access.

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