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03/07/2017 Kenya - Timboroa Eldoret road rehabilitation project - Completion report of the project -PCR

Categories: Kenya

24/08/2015 Evaluation of the Quality and Process of Supervision of Bank Project and Program Implementation
The review notes that the Bank’s guidelines and provisions, with respect to the monitoring and supervision of operations, are adequate and compare favourably with those of the sister institutions, and takes note of the updating...Read more
24/08/2015 PRSP Seminar Program
24/08/2015 Ghana - Country Assistance Evaluation 1996-2004
This note provides a summary of the ongoing Ghana Country Assistance Evaluation (CAE). The need to move forward with the RBCSP prompted OPEV to work closely with the Ghana Country Team (CT) in providing lessons learned for the...Read more

Categories: Ghana

24/08/2015 1994-2004 - Morocco - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Education Sector

Categories: Morocco, Education

24/08/2015 OPEV Sharing - Aiding African Agriculture – Broken Promise or Tempting Prospect?
24/08/2015 Independent Evaluation Policy and Functional Responsabilities of the Operations Evaluation Department (OPEV)
24/08/2015 Gabon : Road Maintenance Project
This Project Performance Audit Report (PPAR) presents the performance of the Road Maintenance Project in Gabon for which the bank group approved on the 23rd August 1989, an ADB loan of MUA 25 74 with the loan agreement entering...Read more

Categories: Gabon, Transport

24/08/2015 1996-2004 - Morocco - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Public Utilities Sector
10/10/2014 Multinational - East Africa's Centers of Excellence for skills and Tertially Education in Biomedical Sciences - Phase 1

Categories: Education, Health

10/10/2014 SOMALIA - Approved- Appraisal Report - Building Resilience to water stress in Somaliland - 10 2014
07/10/2014 MOROCCO - Appraisal Report - Financial Sector Development Support Project – Phase III - 10 2014
07/10/2014 Multinational - Appraisal Report - Crisis Response – Technical Assistance to Support Countries Most Affected with Ebola Epidemic Project
03/10/2014 Annual Report – Congo - Congo Basin Forest Fund 2013 - CBFF – 10 2014

Categories: Congo

30/04/2014 2001-2010 - Burkina Faso - Evaluation of Public Financial Management Reform - Final Country Case Study Report
24/04/2014 2012 - Evaluation of the Assistance of the AfDB to Fragile States
19/03/2014 Evaluation Matters - A Quarterly Knowledge Publication of the Operations Evaluation Department of the AfDB - March 2014 Edition
15/01/2014 Draft Program of Seminar
15/01/2014 Seminar on Development Evaluation Tunis, Tunisia, April 4-8, 2005
15/01/2014 The Asian Development Bank logframe user's guide
The logical framework (also known as "logframe" and "project framework") is presented as a conceptual and analytical tool for undertaking sector analysis, project planning, and project management. While,...Read more