Evaluation Reports

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15-Jan-2014 Report on the Independence of the Operations Evaluation Department (OPEV) of the African Development Bank
15-Jan-2014 Zambia - Joint Assistance Strategy - Review of the Harmonization Process in five Countries
15-Jan-2014 Egypt: Polyester Filament Project II
15-Jan-2014 Integrated Water Resource Management-How Relevant Is It to Water Operations by the African Development Bank? - Evaluation Approach Paper
15-Jan-2014 Tunisia: Five Lines Of Credit Granted To Banque De Développement Economique De Tunisie(BDET)
15-Jan-2014 Gambia: Cotton Development Project
15-Jan-2014 1977-2001 - Ethiopia - Bank Group Assistance to the Transport Sector
15-Jan-2014 Unlocking the Potential of Africa’s Sub- Regions - Review of Bank Group Assistance to Sub-Regional Development Banks
15-Jan-2014 Niger: Niamey Sewerage Project
15-Jan-2014 OPEV’s Evaluation of the Bank’s Implementation of the Paris Declaration Addendum - Management Response
15-Jan-2014 Morocco: Secondary & Tertiary Roads Rehabilitation & Maintenance Programme (STRRMP)
15-Jan-2014 COMESA Public Procurement Reform and Capacity Building Projects - PPER
15-Jan-2014 1996-2004 - Cameroon - Evaluation of Bank Group Assistance to the Transport
15-Jan-2014 Tanzania Sector Rehabilitation Programme
15-Jan-2014 Rwanda: Gisovu Tea Project
15-Jan-2014 Synthesis Report on the Review of 2003-2005 - Project Completion Reports
15-Jan-2014 A Joint Evaluation by IFAD and AfDB on Agriculture and Rural Development in Africa
15-Jan-2014 Cape Verde: The Education System Restructuring & Expansion Project
15-Jan-2014 Gambia: The Banjul Yundum International Airport Phase II Development Project
15-Jan-2014 Rwanda - Evaluation of Bank Assistance 1994-2002