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24/08/2015 Ghana - Country Assistance Evaluation 1996-2004
This note provides a summary of the ongoing Ghana Country Assistance Evaluation (CAE). The need to move forward with the RBCSP prompted OPEV to work closely with the Ghana Country Team (CT) in providing lessons learned for the...Read more

Categories: Ghana

24/08/2015 1994-2004 - Morocco - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Education Sector

Categories: Morocco, Education

24/08/2015 1996-2004 - Morocco - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Public Utilities Sector
15/01/2014 Botswana - Country Assistance Evaluation 1995-2000
This Report evaluates Bank Group assistance to the Republic of Botswana since the inception of Bank Group lending to that country in 1973. The report focuses on two key sectors – transport and education – where the bulk of Bank...Read more

Categories: Botswana

15/01/2014 Burkina Faso - Review of Bank Assistance 1970-1998
The study on Bank assistance to Burkina Faso is the first of a series of country-assistance evaluations that the Bank intends to undertake in its regional member countries. This study is conducted with the financial support of...Read more

Categories: Burkina Faso

15/01/2014 Lesotho - Country Assistance Evaluation 1974-2000
This Report evaluates Bank Group assistance to the Kingdom of Lesotho. On the basis of an earlier understanding between the Bank and the World Bank, the evaluation was carried out jointly by the two institutions. Chapters 1 and 2...Read more

Categories: Lesotho

15/01/2014 Rwanda - Evaluation of Bank Assistance 1994-2002
This evaluation was carried out in collaboration with the World Bank; in general, the two evaluations agree in their analyses. The two institutions sought a common assessment of the challenges to Rwanda’s development. However,...Read more

Categories: Rwanda

15/01/2014 Uganda - Country Assistance Evaluation 1996-2001
This Report evaluates Bank Group assistance to the Republic of Uganda since its operations started there in 1968, with particular reference to the period which started in 1986 when President Museveni came to power. Between 1962...Read more

Categories: Uganda

15/01/2014 Mali - Country Assistance Evaluation 1994-2004
The evaluation has concluded that the Bank Group assistance in Mali for the 1994-2004 period was satisfactory on the whole, despite several noted shortcomings. The Bank’s strategies were relevant, but lacked precision. The Bank...Read more

Categories: Mali

15/01/2014 Mauritania - Country Assistance Evaluation 1994-2004
This report evaluates the Bank Group’s assistance to Mauritania by focusing on the 1994-2004 period. Its preparation was done in two stages: the sector evaluations provided the basis for the overall evaluation at country level,...Read more

Categories: Mauritania

15/01/2014 Ghana - Country Assistance Evaluation 1998-2003
Ghana is well endowed with natural resources as evidenced by its rich soils and favourable climate for agriculture which remains the mainstay of the economy. Agriculture accounts for 40% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and...Read more

Categories: Ghana

15/01/2014 1996-2004 - Tanzania - Country Assistance Evaluation

Categories: Tanzania

15/01/2014 Morocco - Country Assistance Evaluation 1996-2005
Morocco is one of the major clients of the ADB window; it represents 16.6% of the allocation of net total commitments per country, ahead of Tunisia (16%) and Algeria (10.2%). Its cooperation with the Bank dates as far back as...Read more

Categories: Morocco

15/01/2014 1996-2007 - Ethiopia - Country Assistance Evaluation

Categories: Ethiopia

15/01/2014 1994-2001 - Rwanda - Evaluation of the Bank’s Assistance in the Agricultural Sector
15/01/2014 1977-2001 - Ethiopia - Bank Group Assistance to the Transport Sector

Categories: Ethiopia, Transport

15/01/2014 2001-2004 - Uganda - Review of the Bank Group Assistance to the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Detailed Technical Analysis of Study Key Findings Report
15/01/2014 1998-2004 - Tanzania - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Health Sector

Categories: Tanzania, Health

15/01/2014 1996-2004 - Morocco - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Telecommunications Sector
15/01/2014 1996-2004 - Morocco - Evaluation Of Bank Assistance To The Transport Sector