Evaluation Reports

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15-Jan-2014 CAR: M’bali Dam Project
15-Jan-2014 Burundi: Bujumbura Sewerage Project
15-Jan-2014 Review of Bank Group Assistance Effectiveness in the Health Sector (1987-2005)
15-Jan-2014 Gambia: Jahaly - Pachar Smallholder Rice Project
15-Jan-2014 2008 - Ethiopia - Management Response to Ethiopia Country Assistance Evaluation Recommendations
15-Jan-2014 Egypt - Economic Reform And Structural Adjustment Programme - PPER
15-Jan-2014 Mali: Selingue Dam Project
15-Jan-2014 Review of 2006-2008 Evaluating Results
15-Jan-2014 1999-2009 - Evaluation of Policy Based operations in the African Development Bank - Institutional and Policy Review - PPER
15-Jan-2014 CAR Livestock Development Project
15-Jan-2014 Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Economic and Sector Work (2005-2010) - Approach Paper
15-Jan-2014 Multinational (OMVS) Manantali Dam Project
15-Jan-2014 Mauritania: The Boghe Plain Irrigation Project
15-Jan-2014 1998-2004 - Tanzania - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Health Sector
15-Jan-2014 Third Benchmarking Review of ECG Members’ Evaluation Practices for their Private Sector Investment Operations’ by the Evaluation Cooperation Group of Multilateral Development Banks (ECG-MDB)
15-Jan-2014 Multinational: Ghana/Cote d'Ivoire the Accra - Abidjan Highway Project
15-Jan-2014 OPEV’s Evaluation on Project Supervision - Management Response
15-Jan-2014 Mauritania: Public Enterprise Sector Adjustment Programme (PESAP)
15-Jan-2014 Lesotho - Mpharane-Bela Bela Road Upgrading Project - PPER
15-Jan-2014 1999-2009 - Egypt - Evaluation of Policy Based Lending in the AfDB