Evaluation Reports

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15-Jan-2014 Kenya: Mumias - Kakamega Road Project
15-Jan-2014 Benin - Performance Evaluation Report Brsp and PRSSP Budgetary Support Programmes - Final Report - PPER
15-Jan-2014 1999-2009 - Morocco - Evaluation of Policy Based Operations in the AfDB
15-Jan-2014 Nigeria - Bauchi Township Water Supply Project - PPER
15-Jan-2014 Niger: Construction of the Health School Niamey
15-Jan-2014 Review of Bank Group Assistance to the Sub-Regional Development Banks - Approach Paper
15-Jan-2014 Gambia - Roads Rehabilitation Project - PPER
15-Jan-2014 Cameroon: Douala New Air Terminal Construction Project
15-Jan-2014 Burkina Faso - Review of Bank Assistance 1970-1998
15-Jan-2014 Study on Evaluating the Process and Portfolio Performance of the Private Sector Operations of the Bank
15-Jan-2014 Gambia: Multi - Sector Rehabilitation Programme
15-Jan-2014 Evaluation of Policy-Based Operations in the African Development Bank, 1999-2009
15-Jan-2014 Mozambique: Telecommunications II Project
15-Jan-2014 Nigeria - Economic and Power Sector Reform Programme (EPSRP) - PPER
15-Jan-2014 1996-2008 - Gabon - Country Assistance Evaluation
15-Jan-2014 Mauritania - Institutional Strengthening Project Concerning the Social Dimensions of Adjustmen - PPER
15-Jan-2014 Cape Verde: Mindelo Water Supply and Sewerage Power Project
15-Jan-2014 1987 Annual Operations Evaluation Report
15-Jan-2014 Botswana: Arable lands development Phase I
15-Jan-2014 Human and Social Development - Review of Road and Railway Transport Projects - Recommandations and Follow - up Actions