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Evaluation Approach Papers and Terms of Reference

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15/01/2014 Review of Bank Group Supervision and Monitoring System - Approch Paper
15/01/2014 Annual Review of Development Effectiveness Report - Approach Paper
15/01/2014 ADB/IFAD-A Joint Evaluation of Agriculture and Rural Development in Africa - Draft Approach Paper
15/01/2014 Review of Bank Group Assistance to the Sub-Regional Development Banks - Approach Paper
15/01/2014 Review of Bank Assistance Effectiveness in the Education Sector (1975-2005) - Approach Paper

Categories: Education

15/01/2014 Uganda - Country Assistance Evaluation - Approach Paper

Categories: Uganda

15/01/2014 A Joint Evaluation by IFAD and AfDB on Agriculture and Rural Development in Africa
15/01/2014 Evaluation of the Decentralisation Strategy and Process in the African Development Bank - Concept Note
15/01/2014 Design and Assistance to the Implementation of a «Results-Based Management and Evaluation System of Development Effectiveness
15/01/2014 Review of the Independence of the Operations Evaluation Department (OPEV) of the African Development Bank - Draft Terms of Reference for Consultancy Services
15/01/2014 Fostering Regional Integration in Africa - An Evaluation of the Bank’s Multinational Operations, 2000-2010 - Approach Paper
15/01/2014 An Evaluation of Environmental Mainstreaming in African Development Bank Support to the Road Transport - Approach Paper

Categories: Transport, Infrastructure

15/01/2014 Project Performance Evaluation Reports for Mozambique: Maputo Water Supply Rehabilitation Project - Zambia:Central Province Water Supply and Sanitation Project - Approach Paper
15/01/2014 Cameroun - Projet de réduction de la pauvreté et actions en faveur des femmes dans l’extrême nord (PREPAFEN) / Guinée-Projet d’appui aux activités économiques des femmes (PAAEF) - Note d’orientation

Categories: Cameroon, Guinea, Gender

15/01/2014 Rwanda - Programme d’alimentation en eau potable et d’assainissement en milieu rural (PNEAR) - Phase de lancement - Document d’orientation pour l’évaluation de performances du sous-programme
15/01/2014 Integrated Water Resource Management-How Relevant Is It to Water Operations by the African Development Bank? - Evaluation Approach Paper
15/01/2014 2010 - Evaluation of African Development Bank Assistance to Fragile States - Approach Paper
15/01/2014 Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Economic and Sector Work (2005-2010) - Approach Paper
15/01/2014 A Review of the Contribution Made by Bank Supported Physical Infrastructure Projects and Programmes Towards Promoting Regional Integration in Africa - Approach Paper
15/01/2014 2007 - Uganda - Country Assistance Evaluation - Approach Paper

Categories: Uganda