Evaluation Reports

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15-Jan-2014 1992 Annual Operations Evaluation Report
15-Jan-2014 1997-1999 - OPEV-Three-Year Rolling Work Programme of the Operations Evaluation Department and the Revised Work Programme
15-Jan-2014 Mauritius: Third Line of Credit to the DBM
15-Jan-2014 Agriculture & Agro-industries - Review of Bank Experience in Agricultural Sector Adjustment Programmes
15-Jan-2014 2009 - Seychelles - Gender Socialization in the Home its Impact on Boys Achievements in Primary and Secondary Schools
15-Jan-2014 Morocco - Consolidation of the 1992 - 94 Structural Adjustment Programme - PPER
15-Jan-2014 Revised Guidelines on Project Completion Report (PCR) Evaluation Note and Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER)
15-Jan-2014 1985-2004 - Ghana - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to Health Sector
15-Jan-2014 Ethiopia - Northern Ethiopia Power Transmission Project
15-Jan-2014 Liberia: Forestry project
15-Jan-2014 2005 Annual Operations Evaluation Report
15-Jan-2014 2012 - Mainstreaming Gender Equality-A Road to Results or a Road to Nowhere? - Synthesis Report
15-Jan-2014 Côte d'Ivoire: Financial Sector Adjustment Programme
15-Jan-2014 Human and Social Development - Criticals Factors in Three Succesfull Adjustment Programmes
15-Jan-2014 1990-1998 - Algeria - Review of the Bank’s Experience in Supporting Structural Adjustment
15-Jan-2014 Central African Rep - Rural Development Project in the Coffee-Growing Regions of Mbaiki and Berberati - PPER
15-Jan-2014 Egypt: Polyester Filament Project I
15-Jan-2014 Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration
15-Jan-2014 1999-2009 - Evaluation of Policy Based Operations in the AfDB
15-Jan-2014 Zambia: Industrial Reorientation Programme