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24/08/2015 Evaluation of the Quality and Process of Supervision of Bank Project and Program Implementation
The review notes that the Bank’s guidelines and provisions, with respect to the monitoring and supervision of operations, are adequate and compare favourably with those of the sister institutions, and takes note of the updating...Read more
15/01/2014 Efficacy and Efficiency of Monitoring-Evaluation Systems (MES) for Projects Financed by the Bank Group
This report focuses on the study of the efficacy and efficiency of monitoring - evaluation systems in a sample of Bank Group financed projects/programmes. The study is in line with the strengthening of the Bank’s operational...Read more
15/01/2014 Study on Evaluating the Process and Portfolio Performance of the Private Sector Operations of the Bank
The study should be seen in the context of the present efforts by the Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) of the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to develop Good Practices Standards (GPS) for Evaluation of Private Sector...Read more
15/01/2014 Arrears Situation for Project Completion Reports as of 30 September 1997
Considerable efforts have been made by the operations departments to mop up PCR arrears for good. As at 30/09/97, these arrears were on 164 projects 84 of which were approved during the period 1982-1986. Out of this total number...Read more
15/01/2014 Backlog in the Preparation of Project Completion Reports (PCRs)
Important efforts have been made by operations departments with a view to definitively absorbing the PCR backlog. However, in July 2004, the backlog consisted of 302 projects of which 218 were approved during the 1987-1993...Read more
15/01/2014 Process Review of the 1997 Annual Portfolio Performance Review
This Process Review found that the APPR process continues to improve alongside portfolio performance. But there are still areas for improvement. These are: the urgency in putting in place the much-awaited new rating format as a...Read more
15/01/2014 Process Review of 1995 and 1996 Annual Portfolio Performance Reviews
This process review is an attempt to examine the 1995 and 1996 Annual Portfolio Performance Reviews (APPR) in terms of the achievement of their declared objectives. The conclusion of this process review is that both APPRs are...Read more
15/01/2014 Review of 2000-2004 Country Portfolio Review Reports
This review is the first of its kind and has four principal purposes. First, it assesses the policy, format and guidelines of CPRs undertaken during 2000–2004. Second, it assesses the process of preparation, consultation with...Read more
15/01/2014 Review of 2002-2004 Country Strategy Papers
This review assesses the 2002–2004 CSPs against these six guiding principles. The effectiveness of the CSPs as managing and planning tools for the Bank is also considered. The assessment draws on lessons learned for improving the...Read more
15/01/2014 Status Report on the Preparation of Project - Completion Reports (PCR) for June 2006 Clearing the Backlog of PCRS Approved Between 1987-1995
The purpose of this note is to: (1) review the backlog of project completion reports (PCR); (2) present the findings of the Working Group set up under the oversight of OPEV, including representatives of the two Vice Presidencies,...Read more
15/01/2014 Task Force Report on Closing the Evaluation Gap and Action Plan
The Report "Toward Closing the Evaluation Gap" (Ref. ADB/BD/WP/2005/123- ADF/BD/WP/2005/143 of 29 November 2005) was prepared by OPEV and identified the gaps that need to be closed to bring about a robust and credible...Read more
15/01/2014 Process Review of Harmonization/Joint Assistance Strategy Process in Five RMCS
This Process Review (PR) focuses on ongoing JAS process in Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, as well as the ongoing Ha process in Mozambique and Ethiopia. The PR may be compared to a snap-shot of what has happened so far, and the...Read more
15/01/2014 2001-2008 - Project Supervision at the African Development Bank - An Independent Evaluation
15/01/2014 Unlocking the Potential of Africa’s Sub- Regions - Review of Bank Group Assistance to Sub-Regional Development Banks
15/01/2014 2005-2008 - Independent Assessment of the Quality at Entry of ADF Operations and Strategies
15/01/2014 Third Benchmarking Review of ECG Members’ Evaluation Practices for their Private Sector Investment Operations’ by the Evaluation Cooperation Group of Multilateral Development Banks (ECG-MDB)

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