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15/01/2014 Chad-Cameroon-Niger-Nigeria- Pilot Research/Development Support Project on Integrated Pest Management for Subsistence Farming in the Lake Chad Basin

Categories: Chad, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria

15/01/2014 Chad - Telecommunications Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Chad Educational Institutions Rehabilitation Project
The Educational Institutions Rehabilitation Project concerns primarily the intermediate, secondary and higher education institutions in the town of N’djamena. It was financed with an ADF loan of UA 10.78 million (Loan...Read more

Categories: Chad, Education

15/01/2014 Chad: Public Sector Financial & Economic Restructuring Programme
This Programme Performance Audit Report (PPAR) concerns the Public Sector Financial and Economic Restructuring Programme in Chad (PSFERP) for which the African Development Fund (ADF) granted a 30 million FUA loan in February 1989.Read more

Categories: Chad