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10/10/2014 Multinational - East Africa's Centers of Excellence for skills and Tertially Education in Biomedical Sciences - Phase 1

Categories: Education, Health

15/01/2014 Burkina Faso - Young Farmers’ Training Project - REPP

Categories: Burkina Faso, Education

15/01/2014 Chad Educational Institutions Rehabilitation Project
The Educational Institutions Rehabilitation Project concerns primarily the intermediate, secondary and higher education institutions in the town of N’djamena. It was financed with an ADF loan of UA 10.78 million (Loan...Read more

Categories: Chad, Education

15/01/2014 Cape Verde: The Education System Restructuring & Expansion Project
This Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) concerns the Education System Restructuring and Expansion Programme for which the Bank granted an ADF loan of UA 10.22 million on 19 October 1989.Read more

Categories: Cape Verde, Education

15/01/2014 Angola - Middle Level Staff Training Project - PPER

Categories: Angola, Education

15/01/2014 Zambia: Junior Secondary Education Project
This Project Performance Audit Report (RPM) examines the Junior Secondary Education Project in Zambia An ADF loan of UA 8.289Jmillion (Loan Number CS/Z/ED/82/6) was approved on 27 August 1982 and signed oft 29 December 1982 The...Read more

Categories: Zambia, Education

15/01/2014 Tunisie: Projet de renforcement de l`Enseignement Scientifique et Technique
Le présent rapport d’audit de performance du projet (RAPP) concerne le projet de renforcement de l’enseignement scientifique et technique pour lequel la BAD a accordé au gouvernement tunisien le prêt N" CS/TUN/ED/84/022 d’un...Read more

Categories: Tunisia, Education

15/01/2014 Mali: Strengthening of Timbuktu’s Health Facilities
The present Project Performance Audit Report (PPAR) comprises abridged project performance audit memorandum (MAPP) prepared by the Operations Evaluation Office (OPEV) and the Project Completion Report prepared by the Department...Read more

Categories: Mali, Education

15/01/2014 Mali: Project For The Training Of Basic Education Teachers
This project performance audit report (Intermediate PPAR) concerns the Project for the Training of Basic Education Teachers for which ADF awarded the Malian Government loan no.: CS/MAL/ED/84/16 for an amount of six million five...Read more

Categories: Mali, Education

15/01/2014 Kenya: Secondary Project Teacher Training
This Project Performance Audit Report (PPAR) examines the Secondary Teacher Training Project. An ADF loan of UA 1289 million (Loan Number CSIKJEDI82/3) was approved on 27 August 1982 and signed on 11 May: 1983. The loan was to...Read more

Categories: Kenya, Education

15/01/2014 Gambia: Primary Education Improvement & Educational Planning Project
The present abridged project performance audit report (PPAR) is an evaluation of the primary education improvement and educational planning project in the. Gambia. The education project was identified in 1982 by a joint...Read more

Categories: Gambia, Education

15/01/2014 Morocco: Education Reform Programme
The Programme for reform of Morocco’s educational system was appraised in May 1986. With a total cost of UA 2,227 million, it was partly financed on ADB loan CS/M/EY/86/02 for an amount of UA 60.0 million, which was approved in...Read more

Categories: Morocco, Education

15/01/2014 Benin: Complexes Polytechniques Project
The ‘Complexes Polytechniques project in Benin was appraised in February 1979 and a loan for its financing was approved on 26 April 1979. Its aim is to increase access to vocational training for all Beninese. Specifically, it...Read more

Categories: Benin, Education

15/01/2014 Niger: The Ceao School of Mines and Geology
This project performance audit report (PPAR) concerns the Niamey based School of Mines and Geology for which an ADF loan N° CS/N/ED/85/9) of UA 11.30 million was approved In February 1985 for the benefit of the 3enin, Burkina...Read more

Categories: Niger, Education

15/01/2014 Malawi: The Primary and Tertiary Education Project

Categories: Malawi, Education

15/01/2014 Niger: Construction of the Health School Niamey
15/01/2014 Liberia: The Southeast Education Project
15/01/2014 Somalia: Text Books Printing Project

Categories: Somalia, Education

15/01/2014 Seychelles: Primary Education Project
The Bank Group began lending for Education in the year1967 and loan approvals up till the, end of 1982 totaled FUA 186 million for 27 projects in the education sector, o these, the African Development fund (ADF) financed a total...Read more

Categories: Seychelles, Education

15/01/2014 Botswana: Health Personnel Training Project
The subject of this report relates to the Training of Health Personnel Project in Botswana, which was financed by the African Development Fund for a loan of FUA 4.5 million approved in October 1975. This represented the first ADF...Read more

Categories: Botswana, Education, Health