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15/01/2014 Multinational - Institution Building of the Multi-Sector Sub-Regional Institute of Applied Technology, Project Planning and Evaluation (ISTA) - PPER
15/01/2014 Chad - Telecommunications Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Swaziland - Telecommunications III Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Benin - Communications Development Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Zambia - Telecommunication II Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Benin - National Telecommunications Network Maintenance Improvement Plan - PPER
15/01/2014 Togo: Telecommunication Project
This intermediate project performance audit report (intermediate PPAR) concerns the Togo Telecommunications Project in respect of which the ADF granted the Togolese Government in January 1990, a loan of UA 5,526,312, under the...Read more
15/01/2014 Mozambique: Telecommunications II Project
This project performance audit report concerns the Mozambique Telecommunications II project funded by the Bank Group in 1984 through an NTF loan amounting to UA 4.99 million for the financing of the rehabilitation component of...Read more
15/01/2014 Sao Tome & Principe: Telecommunications Between the Island of Sao Tome and the Island of Principe
The objective of this report is a post-evaluation of the Sao Tome and Principe Telecommunications Project for which ADF granted loan N° CS/STP/TL/8413 for a total amount of FUA 2,030,000 approved in November and signed on 18...Read more
15/01/2014 Cape Verde: Extension & Modernization Telecommunications Network
This Project Performance Audit Report (PPAR) is on the extension and Modernization of Cape Verde’s telecommunications network for which the ADB Group granted two loans, one in 177 representing a total amount of UA3.6 million (FUA...Read more
15/01/2014 Botswana: New Gaberone International Airport
15/01/2014 Gabon: Telecommunication Development Project on Liberville and Port Gentil and 8 Other Inland Centres
15/01/2014 CAR - The Extension and Modernization of the Bangui Telephone Systeme - PPER
15/01/2014 Botswana: The Telecommunication I Project