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15/01/2014 Malawi - Agrictural Sector Adjustment Programme - PPER
15/01/2014 Malawi: Blantyre Water Supply
15/01/2014 Malawi: John Mzumara - Ekwendeni Road

Categories: Malawi, Transport

15/01/2014 Malawi - The Blantyre-Shire Highlands and Namwere-Mangochi Rural Development Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Malawi: The Primary and Tertiary Education Project

Categories: Malawi, Education

15/01/2014 Malawi - District Water Supply Phase II Project and Mpira-Balaka Rural Water Supply Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Malawi - Second Rural Health Care - PPER

Categories: Malawi, Health

15/01/2014 Malawi: Line of Credit to the Malawi Development Corporation (MDC)
"The report being submitted to you is the tenth in the series of post-evaluation reports on lines of credit extended by the Bank Group to Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in regional member countries. The report, like...Read more
15/01/2014 Malawi: Industry And Trade Policy Adjustment Programme & Entrepreneurship And Capital Market Adjustment Programme
This Programme Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) reviews Malawi’s Industry and Trade Adjustment Programme (Loan N°. F/MLW/SAL/-IND/TRA/89/17) for which an ADF loan of UA 13.6 million was approved on December 1988, and the...Read more

Categories: Malawi