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15/01/2014 Malawi - Second Rural Health Care - PPER

Categories: Malawi, Health

15/01/2014 Kenya: Rural Health Project
This intermediate Project Performance audit report (PPAR) examines the Rural Health Project, for which an .ADF loan of UA 7.828 million (Loan number CS/K/H85/8) was approved 20 November, 1985 and signed on 27 January, 1986. The...Read more

Categories: Kenya, Health

15/01/2014 Madagascar: Project For Strengthening Intermediate Health Facilities
This project performance audit report (PPAR) assesses the, Project for Strengthening Intermediate Health Facilities in Madagascar, the goal tile project was to contribute to improving the health status of the country, and more...Read more

Categories: Madagascar, Health

15/01/2014 Central African Rep Faculty of Health Sciences & Community Hospital Project
The present Project Performance Audit Report (PPAR) evaluates the Faculty of Health Sciences and Community Health project in the Central African Republic. The goal of the project implemented in two phases was to improve the...Read more
15/01/2014 Uganda: Mbale Hospital Rehabilitation Project
The present abridged project performance audit report (PPAR) is a post-evaluation of the Mbale Hospital,Rehabilitation project in Uganda. The project was in keeping with the Uganda Government’s 1996-1989’Investment Programme,...Read more

Categories: Uganda, Health

15/01/2014 Botswana: Francistown New hospital Project
This Abbreviated Project Performance Audit Report (PPAR) reviews the Francistown New Hospital Project of the Government of the Republic of Botswana for which an ADB loan equivalent to UA 17.96 million was approved in September...Read more

Categories: Botswana, Health

15/01/2014 Zimbabwe: Rural Health Centers Project
The Rural Health Centers Project was identified in August 1980 and was prepared and appraised for ADF funding during September/October 1981 The planned sector goal was to improve the health status of the concerned target...Read more

Categories: Zimbabwe, Health

15/01/2014 Swaziland: Heath Services Development Project
This Project Performance Audit Report (PPAR) reviews the Health Services Development Project in Swaziland for which an ADS loan (AbB/SNZ/H/84/012) of BUA 5.13 million and an NTF loan (ADB/SWZ/H/841011) of BUA 5.00 million were...Read more

Categories: Swaziland, Health

15/01/2014 Lesotho: Health Services Development Programme
This Interim Programme Performance Audit Report (PPAR) reviews the on-going Health Services Development Programme of the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho (GOL) for which six ADF Loans embracing five projects and one study and...Read more

Categories: Botswana, Health

15/01/2014 Niger: Construction of the Health School Niamey
15/01/2014 Lesotho: Development of Health Services Project

Categories: Lesotho, Health

15/01/2014 Botswana: Health Personnel Training Project
The subject of this report relates to the Training of Health Personnel Project in Botswana, which was financed by the African Development Fund for a loan of FUA 4.5 million approved in October 1975. This represented the first ADF...Read more

Categories: Botswana, Education, Health