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15/01/2014 Nigeria - Bauchi Township Water Supply Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Uganda - Five Urban Centers Water Supply and Sewerage Rehabilitation Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Malawi - District Water Supply Phase II Project and Mpira-Balaka Rural Water Supply Project - PPER
15/01/2014 Lesotho - Four Centers Water Supply And Maseru II - PPER
15/01/2014 Morocco: Tangiers (El Hachef) Drinking Water Supply Project
The evaluation of the project to provide Tangiers in Morocco with drinking water from the El Hachef dam is the subject of this abridged project performance audit report (PPAR). The borrower identified and prepared the project...Read more
15/01/2014 Djibouti: Project for the Supply of Water to the Towns of Djibouti and Dikhil
This audit performance report concerns the project to supply water to the towns of Djibouti and Dikhila, emergency phase. The object as identified and prepared in the context of a pre-investment and operational study for the...Read more
15/01/2014 Benin: Water And Electricity Supply For Nine District Chief Towns
This project is part of a vast programme initiated by the Government of Benin in the mid 1970s, aimed at providing secondary centers with adequate water and electricity services. Feasibility and electricity studies for 12 chief...Read more
15/01/2014 Malawi: Blantyre Water Supply
15/01/2014 Kenya: Adduction d'Eau de N'Dia
15/01/2014 Niger: Niamey Sewerage Project
15/01/2014 Democ.Rep.Congo: Water Supply In The Five Centers
This is a project performance audit report (PPAR) of the water supply project in five center and the water resources study in eight other centers in Zaire for which the bank group granted in Jun 1980 granted two loans one of FUA...Read more
15/01/2014 Cape Verde: Mindelo Water Supply and Sewerage Power Project
15/01/2014 Mauritania: The 36 Boreholes Water Supply Project
15/01/2014 Mauritius: Port Louis Water Supply Project
15/01/2014 Mauritius: Port Louis Stage III Sewerage Project
This is a Project Performance Audit Report PPAR of the Port Louis Sewerage Stage III for which an ADB loan of UA 5.0 million was signed on 29 April 1977. It is the first in the sewerage Projects to be evaluated and the fifth In...Read more
15/01/2014 Democ.Rep.Congo: The N` Djili Water Supply Project
This post evaluation report concerns the N'Djili water supply project for which a 10 an (No.CS/ZR/SP/77/005) approved on 21/10/77 for an amount of BUA 5'000,000,000 was granted to the Executive council of Zaire. The project...Read more
15/01/2014 Lesotho: Maseru Water Supply Project
15/01/2014 Zaire: Water Supply Project For Kanaga
15/01/2014 Burundi: Bujumbura Sewerage Project