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Financial Policy Papers

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19/05/2014 Diversifying the Bank’s Products to Provide Eligible ADF-Only Countries Access to the ADB Sovereign Window
19/03/2013 Délégation d'Autorité Générale et Règlement Financier du FAD
05/07/2012 Proposal for the Implementation of a Sanctions Process within the AfDB
05/07/2012 Fine-Tuning the Organizational Structure and Business Processes of IACD
05/07/2012 Amendments to Rules and Procedures for the Procurement of Goods and Works and Rules and Procedures for the Use of Consultants
09/05/2012 Disbursement Handbook
27/05/2011 2007 - Financial Regulations of the AfDB
02/04/2011 Proposal for a Framework for Managing GCI Resources and Large Loans
02/05/2010 Proposal for a Revision of Loan Pricing for Sovereign and Sovereign-Guaranteed Operations
10/12/2004 Bank Group Credit Policy
The Evolution of the Bank Group Credit Policy 1.1 Prior to the adoption in 1992 of the Country Exposure Policy (Document ADBIBD/WP/92195), the Bank’s lending operations were conducted on the basis of very broadly defined...Read more
01/04/2004 Investment Management Guidelines for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative Resources
23/04/2003 Updating the Bank’s Policy for Provisioning Public Sector Loans and Guarantees
05/08/1997 Bank Group Policy and Procedures for Supplementary Financing
07/11/1989 Bank Group Policy on Utilization of Savings on Loans
25/05/1989 Policy and Procedures for the Recovery of Arrears on Loans
09/03/1989 Bank Group Credit Policy
01/01/1970 Updating the ADF Asset Management Guidelines
01/01/1970 Bank Group Financial Sector Policy