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Gambia - Digital Masterplan and Capacity Building Program for the Greater Banjul Area - Call For Proposals


The Gambia has one of the fastest urbanization rates in sub-Saharan Africa with the Greater Banjul Area (GBA) already accounting for 68% of the total population of the country. This rapid increase in urban population has brought with it several environmental and socio-economic problems including deforestation, soil erosion, pollution and waste generation, and stress on health, education, and employment services (Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2007-2011), The Gambia). It has also led to increasing demand for urban infrastructure and municipal services. The government however lacks the financial resources and capacity to improve and expand the existing urban infrastructure and needs urgent support in order to meet the demands of its growing urban population. Both the public and the private sectors are equally constrained in their investments due to the lack of capacity, planning and project preparation. Therefore, the need to strengthen upstream sector work has become paramount and innovative solutions to provide integrated planning solutions has become more critical than ever before.

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