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Ghana - Accra Sewerage Improvement Project (ASIP) - Project Completion Report


The project’s development objectives are (i) to increase access to sanitation by providing an improved and extended sewerage and sanitation system for disposing of waste water from the city of Accra, in an environmentally and socially acceptable manner, to meet the demand up to year 2020; and (ii) to strengthen the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) so that it can operate and maintain the system on a sustainable basis.
These objectives are in line with the Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Ghana and the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy II (GPRS.II), which have a focused pillar of infrastructure and rural development. The ASIP project is also in line with the Bank’s Strategic Plan, which considers water supply and sanitation, as one of the key sectors with mainstreaming of the cross-cutting issues of gender, environment and private sector involvement to strengthen the foundation for sustainable development. Furthermore, the project is in line with with the Ghana Environmental Sanitation Policy, the Bank’s Water Supply and Sanitation Policy, the Bank’s Environment Policy and the Bank’s Policy for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). The project is also in conformity with the Bank Group strategy for poverty alleviation. The project is linked to the Millennium Development Goals, the Sustainability Development Goals, the Bank Ten Year Strategy (2013-2022) and the Hi-5 on Improving the Quality of Life of Africans.

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