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Ghana - Savannah Investment Programme - Project appraisal report


The Savannah Investment Programme (SIP) aims to reduce importation of animal protein, enhanced competitiveness of the poultry industry, improve small ruminants breeds and contribute to improved food and nutrition security. The Programme seeks to increase farmers’ food and nutrition security and incomes through increased agricultural productivity and diversification; and enhance the creation and strengthening of agribusinesses to increase incomes of actors along the selected value chains on a sustainable basis. The project has four components: (i) Access to Agriculture Finance, (ii) Production Development, (iii) Agri-Business and Value Chain Development, and (iv) Project Management and Institutional Support. The Programme will be implemented over a five-year period (2019 – 2024) at a total cost of UA 25 million, of which UA 20 million is a loan from the ADF and UA 5 million represents the Government and beneficiaries’ contribution.

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