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Guinea Bissau - Boke-Quebo Road Improvement (PHASE1) - Project Appraisal Report


In October 2011, the Governments of Guinea and Guinea-Bissau contacted the Bank to request contribution to the Boké-Québo Road Improvement Project. The road is part of the Dakar-Lagos Road Corridor or Trans-African Highway 7. The project’s implementation will complete the missing portion of the land link between Conakry and Bissau, the respective capitals of Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. The expected outcomes are an increase in transit traffic and trade, a reduction in general transport costs, fewer customs control points and shorter inspection times on the Conakry–Bissau corridor, improved accessibility and conditions favouring the implementation of socio-economic activities in the project area of influence, especially those concerning the most vulnerable groups (women and young people) and a reduction in the factors of fragility. The project will consist of: (i) the improvement and asphalting of 107 km of road, 86 km of which are in Guinea and 21 km in Guinea-Bissau, in accordance with ECOWAS standards (7-metre road surface flanked by 1.5-metre shoulders in bituminous concrete); (ii) the construction of two bridges in Guinea with a total length of 364 lm (Tinguilinta and Kogon) and repairs to defects identified on 5 bridges in Guinea-Bissau. In addition, both countries are also planning to implement related developments and measures comprising socio-economic and commercial infrastructure, rural feeder roads, boreholes and support for women’s and youth groups, especially to enhance cashew nut production. The project will provide support for (i) the construction of toll/weighing stations and procurement of mobile axle-load scales; and (ii) capacity building for the executing agencies and customs administrations as well as the assessment of needs and modalities to link customs systems in the two countries; and (iii) the establishment of a road safety management body and of road safety databases.

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