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Kenya - Technical Vocational Education Training and Entrepreneurship Project - ESMP Summary


The Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) focuses on mitigating the impacts identified during the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.  It is an instrument that will allow Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MoEST), the project beneficiaries and other key stakeholders to integrate environmental and social concerns during the various phases of the project implementation.  This plan is meant to establish measures and procedures to control the identified impacts and monitor their progress.  It will achieve the following in the long run:

  • Provide the National Environment Management authority (NEMA) with a tool to make ease the evaluation of the objectives at different phases of the project, taking into account the Kenyan environmental legislation;
  • Provide clear and mandatory instructions to the contractor, beneficiary communities and other key stakeholders with regard to their environmental responsibilities in all phases of the proposed projects.
  • Ensure continuous compliance of MoEST, beneficiary communities and any other key stakeholders with Kenyan legislation and policies regarding the environment;
  • Assure the regulators and interested and affected parties the satisfaction of their demands in relation to environmental and social performance of the projects.

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