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African Economic Conference

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16/10/2012 CEA 2012 - Incidence du commerce avec la Chine sur l’intégration régionale dans la CEEAC
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Impact of Improved Agricultural Technology Adoption on Sustainable Rice Productivity and Rural Farmers' Welfare in Nigeria a Local Average Treatment Effect (LATE) Technique
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Incentive and Crowding out Effects of Food Assistance Evidence from Randomized evaluation of a Food-for-Training Project in South Sudan

Categories: Food Production

16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Impact of Human Capital Endowments on Inequality of Outcomes in Cameroon
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Impacts of Regional Trade Agreements on Trade in Agrifood Products Evidence from Eastern and Southern Africa
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Family Ties Inheritance Rights and Successful Poverty Alleviation Evidence from Ghana
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Labour Markets in Swaziland the Challenge of Youth Employment
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Land Acquisition in Africa Threat or Opportunity for Local Populations
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Macroeconomic Determinants of Exit from Aid-Dependence
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Income Level and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Export Diversification and Intra-Industry Trade in Africa

Categories: Regional Integration

16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Disability Grant and Individual Labour Supply Evidence from South Africa
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Does Intra-Africa Regional Trade Cooperation Enhance Export Survival

Categories: Regional Integration

16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Economic Transformation in Africa The Case of Rwanda
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Deepening Regional Integration in Africa a Computable General Equilibrium Assessment of the Establishment of a Continental Free Trade Area followed by a Continental Customs Union

Categories: Regional Integration

16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Central Bank’s Response to Economic Crises from a Developing African Economy Perspective Lessons from Kenya’s Experience

Categories: Kenya, Financial Crisis

16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Corruption and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Growth in Cameroon
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Crime Self-Protection and Business Growth in Cote d'Ivoire

Categories: Côte d’Ivoire

16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Avoiding the Fragility Trap in Africa
16/10/2012 AEC 2012 - Africa's Missed Agricultural Revolution a Quantitative Study of the Policy Options