Legal Documents

21-May-2019 KTIPA - 2010 - Memorandum of Understanding between the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and the AfDB and the ADF
15-Feb-2019 Proposal for the establishment of a Multi-Donor Trust Fund : The Urban and Municipal Development Fund (UMDF)
15-Jan-2014 2009 Trust Funds Annual Report
15-Jan-2014 2010 Trust Funds Annual Report
20-Jun-2013 Multi-Donor Value for Money Sustainability and Accountability in Social Sectors Trust Fund
09-May-2013 Establishment of a Multi-Donor Agriculture Fast Track
08-May-2013 General Cooperation Agreement - Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation Trust Fund
11-Jul-2012 Tunisia - Souk At-Tanmia Partnership
21-Sep-2011 EBRD - 2011 - Memorandum of Understanding between European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the AfDB and the ADF
23-Aug-2011 India - 2010 - Technical Cooperation Agreement on India-Africa Economic cooperation between the Government of the Republic of India and the AfDB and the ADF
27-May-2011 General Conditions Applicable to Loan, Guarantee and Grant Agreements of the AfDB and the ADF
05-May-2011 Insights on Francophone Africa
22-Apr-2011 Private Agreements Matrix
22-Apr-2011 Bilateral Agreements Matrix
22-Apr-2011 Multilateral Agreements Matrix
15-Mar-2011 Bilateral Trust Funds Resources Available for Commitment as of 31 January 2011
09-Mar-2011 Agreement Between the Federative Republic of Brazil, the AfDB and the ADF (South-South Cooperation Trust Fund)
23-Dec-2010 AfDB and IsDB Partnering for Africa
18-Oct-2010 MSF - 2010 - Exchange of Letters between the Mininstry of Strategy and Finance of the Republic of Korea and the AfDB and the ADF, Concerning Co-financing Activities
18-Oct-2010 KSP - 2010 - Memorandum of Understanding on the Knowledge Sharing Program between the Government of the Republic of Korea and the AfDB and the ADF