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Malawi - Smallholder Irrigation and Value Addition Project - Project Appraisal Report


The Smallholder Irrigation and Value Addition Project (SIVAP) will be financed under the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) Multi-Donor Trust Fund. SIVAP will be implemented in Karonga, Nkhota-kota, Salima, Machinga and Chikhwawa Districts, within the green belt zone prioritised for agricultural investments. Karonga, Salima and Chikhwawa Districts are also under National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA). The SIVAP goal is to contribute to food security, increased income levels and poverty reduction. SIVAP’s objectives are to increase agricultural production and productivity through intensification of irrigation, crop diversification, value addition and capacity building. SIVAP has 3 components: (i) sustainable land and water management; (ii) crop diversification and value chain development; and (iii) institutional strengthening and capacity building and will be implemented in 5 years, from 2013. The total cost is UA 29.596 (USD 44.65) million. The GAFSP Grant is UA 26.247 (USD 39.60) million (88.6%), ADF Grant UA 0.253 (USD 0.38) million (0.9%) and GoM and beneficiaries contributions are UA 3.074 (USD 4.64) million (10.4%) and UA 0.022 (USD 0.03) million (0.1%) respectively. SIVAP will be implemented through GoM’s Agriculture Sector Wide Approach (ASWAp).

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