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Mali – Koulikoro Food and Nutrition Security Enhancement Project (PReSAN-KL) - Project Appraisal Report


The Koulikoro Region Food and Nutrition Security Enhancement Project (PReSAN-KL), scheduled to run for five years, has received a grant of USD 37.21 million from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme (GAFSP). It targets six irrigation sites in Koulikoro region in which participatory diagnostic studies and detailed preliminary designs have been executed in close collaboration with the Upper Niger Valley Development Authority (OHVN) and the Baguinéda Irrigation Scheme Development Authority (OPIB). PReSAN-KL will boost food security and reduce poverty for approximately 178,000 persons, by primarily targeting women and smallholders, and focusing on better water management and land tenure security in small irrigation farms, cultivated mud plains and women´s vegetable gardens. The identified operations will focus on increasing agricultural output (10,600 tonnes of rice and 20,300 additional tonnes of vegetable produce) through efficient surface water management, creation of development poles involving private stakeholders, better organization of farmers and specific emphasis on value chain development. The activities will be executed by OHVN and OPIB, under the coordination of the Ministry of Rural Development acting through a unit that also coordinates another AfDB-funded project (PRESA-DCI).

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