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Mali - Trans-Sahara Highway Project (TSH- PHASE 2 – BOUREM-KIDAL SECTION) - Project Appraisal Report


This project concerns the Bourem-Kidal Section on the Malian section of the Trans-Sahara Highway (TSH) – an infrastructure at the centre of economic, social, political and security stakes for the continent. The highway is located in the Algiers/Lagos and Dakar/Djibouti Trans-African corridors, identified by the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), as priority projects to achieve NEPAD objectives by 2020. The 9,022-km TSH serves six countries (Algeria, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Tunisia and Chad) and comprises one main trunk, Alger/Lagos (4,498 km) and three secondary sections: the Tunisian section (866 km); the Malian section (2,461 km) and the Chadian section (1,197 km). Since significant financial resources need to be mobilised to develop these corridors, the States concerned opted for a gradual and phased development strategy. In 2013, the Bank and other development partners financed a first phase of road development works covering a linear distance of 555 km (including the 330-km Ngouri-Daboua-Niger border road in Chad; and 225-km Arlit-Assamakka-Algeria border road in Niger). Works in this phase are ongoing.

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