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Mozambique - Massingir Dam Emergency Rehabilitation Project Supplementary Loan (MDERP-SL) - Project Completion Report


The sector goal was to enhance agriculture productivity to reduce poverty levels and ensure food security. The main objective of the Massingir Dam Emergency Rehabilitation Project Supplementary Loan (MDERP-SL) was to restore safety and efficiency of the dam. The project was designed with the aim of enhancing agricultural productivity in Gaza province in order to improve food security, as well as positively contribute to economic growth and reduction of poverty. By restoring the safety and efficiency of the dam, the project focused on enhancing the productivity of the smallholder farmers within its catchment area but also at attracting viable private investments in irrigation and related agricultural activities. Apart from creating jobs for the inhabitants of the Gaza Province and raising their income levels, dam rehabilitation was envisaged to control excessive floods and mitigate drought in order to further boost productivity of the area. The MDERP-SL was designed in line with the country’s overarching goal of accelerated economic growth and reduction in poverty levels. Specifically, the project was consistent with the Bank’s Country Strategy Paper (CSP) as well as the Government’s Proactive Action for the Reduction of Absolute Poverty II (PARPA II). Among other things, both the CSP and PARPA II focused on infrastructure development as a means to increase access to basic economic and social services. With the Banks renewed impetus for agricultural development as an engine for inclusive and sustainable growth, the project focussed on broadening economic opportunities of its beneficiaries whilst ensuring that the natural resources (i.e. water and land) are well preserved and managed within the Lower Limpopo River basin.

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