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Multinational - Capacity Building for The Operationalization of the EAPP Regional Power Market Trade Project - Project Appraisal Reports


The Capacity Building for the Operationalization of the EAPP Regional Power Market Trade Projectwill provide support to EAPP to establish the regional power market trade in Eastern Africa, thereby improving access to reliable, clean and affordable electricity in the Region. The key output is finalization of shadow market operations, i.e. power market modelling and simulation of the existing bilateral trade, which is a final step in the transition to real market trade. Shadow market operations will provide sound data on which to base market design and identify regulatory bottlenecks to inform responses. The second output is the full establishment of the EAPP Market Committee (MC), with capacity in regional power market development. The Project will also support the harmonization of regulatory framework for power trading, such as wheeling arrangements to facilitate cross-country power trade. The design of the Project took into consideration and will complement ongoing initiatives supported by other Development Partners (DPs) as indicated in Appendix 4.

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