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Multinational - Community Road Strengthening Project CU2A Gounghin Koupela - Fada N’gourma – Piega - Niger Border Section - Project Appraisal Report


This project is the continuity of the Burkina Faso/Niger Multinational Project (Dori-Téra Road Development and Ouagadougou-Dori-Téra-Niamey Corridor Transport Facilitation Project) financed by the Bank in 2006 and completed in 2012. It concerns the strengthening of the CU2A road, precisely the Gounghin-Fada N'Gourma-Piéga-Niger border section, which is 218 km long. Located on the "Dakar-Niamey" corridor, the CU2A features among PIDA’s priorities. The project is in line with Burkina Faso’s Transport Sector Development Strategy (2011-2025) and fits into the WAEMU Commission's Community Infrastructure and Road Transport Action Programme (PACITR).

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