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Multinational - Lake Tanganyika Transport Corridor Development Project Phase I Rehabilitation Of Bujumbura Port - Project Appraisal Report


The proposed Lake Tanganyika Transport Corridor Development Project will boost regional integration and significantly reduce trade costs between riparian countries (Burundi, DRC, Tanzania and Zambia). Multimodal links with Central Corridor roads and railways will provide greater transport connectivity with other countries in the sub-region, such as Uganda and Rwanda. The project will therefore unlock Lake Tanganyika’s potential as an inland waterway and provide a platform that would link the Northern (Mombasa in Kenya), Central (Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania) and Southern (Mpulungu in Zambia/ Durban in South Africa) Road Corridors. Given its geostrategic location, it has significant economic potential, fostering trade in a wide range of agricultural and fishery products and building materials. Bujumbura (Burundi) and Mpulungu (Zambia) ports, as well as Kigoma (Tanzania) and Kalemia (DRC) ports, are some of the main ports of Lake Tanganyika.

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