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Multinational - Road Programme 8 (RP8) - Road Development and Transport Facilitation Project on the Bamako-Zantiébougou –Boundiali-San Pedro corridor - Project Appraisal Report


This project focuses on the upgrading of road sections on the Bamako-San Pedro corridor between Mali and Côte d'Ivoire, which is an alternative road opening up the neighboring hinterland or landlocked countries. It will connect the 2 countries via the Port of San Pedro which will become a real transit port not only for Mali and Burkina Faso, but also for the northern part of neighboring Guinea. These roads are included in the priority programs of WAEMU and ECOWAS. However, continuity of traffic on the Bamako-Zantiébougou-Boundiali-San Pedro is hampered by the poor condition of the earth roads between Zantiébougou and the Ivorian border (140 km) on the Malian side, and between Boundiali and Kani (135 km) on the Ivorian side. Indeed, there is currently a low level of traffic on these sections as it takes 6 hours to travel from Kani to Boundiali in Côte d’Ivoire (135 km), or from Zantiébougou to the Ivorian border in Mali (140 km). Consequently, this long and unsafe journey results in high transportation costs and deter movement of people and goods.

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