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Namibia - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Programme (EGCSP) – Supplemental Financing - Program Appraisal Report


Remaining consistent with the original program approved by the Board of Directors on 10th May 2017, and the second phase on 18th July 2018, the goal of the supplemental financing loan is to promote inclusive growth and economic competitiveness and diversification through improved economic management and business environment reforms. It will support the implementation of the Namibian government’s medium term development agenda, aimed at accelerating inclusive growth and sustainable development, by preserving macroeconomic stability, and addressing the challenges of lack of diversification, high unemployment and income inequality. The three components are: (i) Advancing fiscal consolidation which supports measures to improve revenue collection, enhance efficiency in public spending, and improve debt management; (ii) Strengthen public financial management and public sector efficiency by improving the public procurement, internal and external audit functions and the governance framework for SOEs; and (iii) Improve the business environment for industrialization through enhancement of the investment facilitation framework, and improving the framework for industrial and MSME development

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