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Niger - Tamaske-Tahoua and Tamaske-Mararraba Roads Development Project - Appraisal Report


This project, to cost UA 29.46 million in total, concerns: (i) the development and asphalting of the Tamaské-Tahoua road section on a linear distance of 35 km via the Kalfou-Kolloma stretch; and (ii) the asphalting on a linear distance of 30 km of the Tamaské-Mararraba stretch, which is the unpaved portion of the Madaoua-Bouza-Keita-Tamaské-Tahoua road. This second stretch is part of the Madaoua-Tahoua road that the Bank had financed as part of the Tibiri-Dakoro and Madaoua-Tahoua Road Project.

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