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Niger - Water Mobilization Project to Enhance Food Security in the Maradi, Tahoua and Zinder Regions (PMERSA-MTZ) - Project Completion Report


The objective of the PMERSA-MTZ was to strengthen food security by sustainably increasing agricultural output and productivity through the mobilization of surface and ground water resources. It focused on water resource mobilization and development to increase and consolidate agricultural output as a means of enhancing food security. The project was fully consistent with Niger’s Accelerated Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2008-2012 which considered that the rural sector had to play a key role in the improvement of economic growth. It was therefore in line with Niger’s Rural Development Strategy (RDS) through Sub-Programme 4.1 “Irrigation Infrastructure” (increase the contribution of irrigation farming to agricultural GDP) and Sub-Programme 4.2 “Transport Infrastructure” (open up access to agricultural, sylvicultural and pastoral farming areas to boost socio-economic interaction). It was equally related to Priority Programme 11 of the RDS aimed at combating food insecurity by developing irrigation. It also tied in with the objectives of the national irrigation development and surface water collection strategy aimed at consolidating and expanding irrigated areas, while raising the output of irrigation infrastructure.

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