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Nigeria - Inclusive Basic Service Delivery and Livehood Emprwerment Integrated Program - Project Appraisal Report


The Program is part of ongoing Federal Government efforts toward North East States1 Emergency Transition, Recovery and Peacebuilding, elaborated by the five-year programmatic “Buhari Plan” of 2016. The programme aligns with interventions by Development Partners (DPs) within the Recovery and Peace Building framework which seeks to support the implementation of the “Buhari Plan”. The overall budgetary requirement for the “Buhari Plan” is currently estimated at UA 5.3 billion (2.13 Trillion Naira). The Government funding commitment to operationalising the “Buhari Plan” is currently estimated at UA 1.6 billion over the five year period , leaving a funding gap of 70% anticipated to be bridged by DFI’s, International Aid Agencies, NGO’s and the Private Sector Stakeholders acting in the North East. The initial pool of indicative commitment by DFIs in response to this call is currently estimated at UA 1.09 billion, which reduces this gap by 29.4%.

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