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30/01/2015 Operational Guidelines for the implementation of the Strategy for addressing Fragility and building resilience in Africa and for the Transition Support Facility
11/02/2014 Environmental and Social Assessment Procedures for AfDB Public Sector Operations - June 2001

Categories: Environment

04/11/2013 Climate Finance Tracking Guidance Manual - Transport Sector
04/11/2013 Climate Finance Tracking Guidance Manual - Energy Sector
23/10/2013 Climate Finance Tracking Guidance Manual - Water Sector
23/10/2013 Climate Finance Tracking Guidance Manual - Agriculture Sector
03/02/2013 DAI Staff Handbook
21/09/2012 Staff Guidance on Project Completion Reporting and Rating
09/05/2012 Disbursement Handbook
29/03/2012 Options for the Integrated Safeguards System (ISS) - Draft Report

Categories: Environment

02/03/2012 Consultation and Communication Plan for the Design of an Integrated Safeguards System

Categories: Environment

17/02/2012 New Guidelines on the Middle Income Country Technical Assistance Fund
12/05/2011 Revised Guidelines on Cancellation of Approved Loans, Grants and Guarantees
The Revised Guidelines aim to improve the cancellation process and its governance framework, as well as ensure optimal utilization of Bank resources. They provide staff in the Operations and Finance Complexes with standard...Read more
12/04/2011 Transition Framework for Graduating and Reversing Countries
02/10/2010 Concerning Continuity of Operations and Engagement with the Facto Governements in Regional Member Countries
26/08/2010 Staff Guidance Note on the Governance Rating of the AfDB’s Country Performance Assessment
12/07/2010 Fragile States Facility - Guidelines on Administration of the Technical Assistance and Capacity Building (TCB) Program of Pillar III Operations
22/04/2010 Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment: an Updated Gender Plan of Action (UGPOA) 2009 – 2011

Categories: Gender

22/04/2010 Congo Basin Forest Fund - Operational Procedures
22/04/2010 Checklist for Gender Mainstreaming in the Water and Sanitation Sector