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02/11/2008 Operational Guidelines for Syndication of non-Sovereign Guaranteed Loans
02/05/2008 Risk Management Policies and Processes
02/03/2008 Operations Guidelines of the Fragile States Facility (FSF)
19/02/2008 Strategic and Operational Framework for Regional Operations
The Boards of Directors of the African Development Bank and the African Development Fund approved the Bank Group’s strategic and operational framework for regional operations during their Informal Session of 19 February 2008....Read more
18/07/2007 NEPAD - IPPF User Guide
05/04/2006 ADF Implementation Modalities of the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative
03/02/2006 Revised Financial Guidelines for non-Sovereign Guaranteed Loans
02/02/2006 Revised financial guidelines for sovereign guaranteed loans
02/09/2005 Operational Guidelines for Agency Lines
02/08/2005 Operational Guidelines on User Fees in Health and Education

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02/02/2004 Guidelines for preventing and combating corruption and fraud in bank group operations
26/01/2004 Guidelines for the Implementation of Bank Group’s Policy on Population
The revised Bank Group’s policy on population was adopted in January 2001 in response to the new international agenda and in conformity to the new Bank Vision. Its main goal is to provide support to Regional Member Countries...Read more
30/09/2003 Operational Guidelines for Non-Sovereign Guaranted Loans to Public Sector Enterprises
02/01/2002 Guidelines for the Use of Risk Management Products
02/09/2001 Bank Group Post-conflict Assistance Policy Guidelines
02/01/2000 Guiding principles for bank guarantees
30/05/1998 Bank Policy Guidelines on Financing Enclave Projects
30/03/1995 Equity Investment policy Guidelines
30/03/1995 Guidelines for bank group operations using sector-wide approaches (SWAPS)
02/01/1984 A framework for Public Utility Tariff Policy