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12/01/2017 MALI - Bamako City Sanitation Project (PAVB) - Appraisal report
12/01/2017 GABON - The economic and financial reform support programme (PAREF) - Update
12/01/2017 Madagascar - Energy Sector Reform Support Programme (PARSE) - Appraisal report

Categories: Madagascar, Energy & Power

29/12/2016 Multinational - Interconnection of Electric Grids of Nile Equatorial Lakes Countries Project
29/12/2016 Zambia - Aquaculture Enterprise Development Project
29/12/2016 Zambia - Integrated Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Program – Appraisal report
29/12/2016 Senegal - Reinforcement of Multiple-Use Water Supply along the Louga-Thies-Dakar Road from the Keur Momar Sarr Treatment Plant Project – Appraisal report
29/12/2016 Malawi - Food Crisis Response Budget Support Programme – Appraisal report

Categories: Malawi

29/12/2016 Côte d’Ivoire - Power Transmission and Distribution Networks Reinforcement Project – Appraisal report
27/12/2016 COP22: Inclusive Climate Financing
21/12/2016 Niger - Rural, Semi-Urban and Urban Electrification Project

Categories: Niger, Energy & Power

21/12/2016 Multinational - Rosso Bridge Construction Project
21/12/2016 Malawi - Jobs for Youth Project

Categories: Malawi, Employment, Youth

21/12/2016 Central African Republic - First Sector SubProgramme for Drinking Water and Sanitation in Bangui and Surrounding Rural Areas - Additional Project in Mambéré-Kadéï, Nana-Mambéré and Ouham Prefectures
21/12/2016 Multinational - Trans-Sahara Optical Fibre Backbone Project – Appraisal report
21/12/2016 Mozambique - Mueda-Negomano Road Project - Phase I – Appraisal report

Categories: Mozambique, Transport

21/12/2016 Gabon - Capacity Building for Youth Employability and Social Protection Improvement Project – Appraisal report
21/12/2016 Ethiopia - Integrated Transport Program - Phase I (Jimma-Chida and Sodo-Sawla Road Upgrading Project) – Appraisal report

Categories: Ethiopia, Transport

21/12/2016 Democratic Republic of Congo - Power Sector Improvement and Governance Support Project – Appraisal report
21/12/2016 Somalia - Financing of the Strengthening Institutions for Public Works Project – Appraisal report