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23/09/2016 Egypt - Country Strategy Paper 2015 - 2019

Categories: Egypt

16/09/2016 Senegal - Local Development Reform Support Programme – Phase I

Categories: Senegal

16/09/2016 Bank Group’s Country Strategy Paper for Senegal, 2016-2020

Categories: Senegal

09/09/2016 Tunisia- Appraisal Report - Rural Drinking Water Supply Programme - Phase II
07/09/2016 Mauritania - Country Strategy Paper 2016-2020

Categories: Mauritania

05/09/2016 Niger - Aide humanitaire d’urgence aux déplacés de guerre de la région de Diffa

Categories: Niger

05/09/2016 Cabo Verde - Emergency Assistance to Support Cabo Verde Preparedness and Response Plan to Fight the Zika Virus Outbreak

Categories: Cape Verde

19/08/2016 Seychelles Infrastructure Action Plan Report

Categories: Seychelles, Infrastructure

19/07/2016 Multinational - Appraisal Report - Nelson Mandela Institutes – African Institutions of Science and Technology Project
19/07/2016 Multinational - Appraisal Report - 50 Million African Women Speak Networking Platform Project
19/07/2016 Guinea - Appraisal Report - Support Project for Building the Administration’s Capacity for Integrated Project Management

Categories: Guinea

19/07/2016 Regional - Appraisal Report - Satellite and Weather Information for Disaster Resilience in West Africa
19/07/2016 Rwanda - Skills, Employability and Entrepreneurship Programme III

Categories: Rwanda

19/07/2016 Multinational - Interconnection of the Electric Grids of the Nile Equatorial Lakes Countries

Categories: Energy & Power

19/07/2016 Morocco - Appraisal Report - Financial Stability and Inclusion Strengthening Support Programme

Categories: Morocco

19/07/2016 Tunisia - Appraisal Report - Financial Sector Modernization Support Program

Categories: Tunisia

19/07/2016 Guinea - Economic and Financial Reform Support Programme (Phase Three)

Categories: Guinea

19/07/2016 Gabon - Appraisal Report - Technical Support Project for the “Green Gabon” Initiative for Transformation of the ForestTimber Sector in Gabon – Programme Preparation and Related Studies
19/07/2016 Lesotho - Emergency Humanitarian Relief Assistance to the Victims of Food Crisis

Categories: Lesotho

19/07/2016 South Sudan - Resilient Water Project for Improved Livelihoods in Juba Project