Country Performance Assessment (CPA)

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22/04/2014 2004-2013 - Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA)
21/04/2014 2013-CPIA Questionnaire
21/04/2014 2013-Country Portfolio Performance Assessment (PPA)
21/04/2014 2013-Country Infrastructure and Regional Integration Assessment
21/04/2014 2013-Country Governance Rating (CGR)
21/04/2014 2013-Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA)
21/04/2014 2009-2011 - Country Africa Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI)
21/04/2014 2013-ADF Country Performance Assessment (CPA)
15/01/2014 2008-CPIA Questionnaire
06/03/2013 2012-ADF Country Performance Assessment (CPA)
06/03/2013 2012-Country Governance Rating (CGR)
04/03/2013 2012-Country Portfolio Performance Assessment (PPA)
04/03/2013 2012-Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA)
04/03/2013 2012-CPIA Questionnaire
15/02/2013 2011-CPIA Questionnaire
27/01/2012 2011-Country Portfolio Performance Assessment (PPA)
27/01/2012 2011-Country Governance Rating (CGR)
27/01/2012 2011-Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA)
27/01/2012 2011-ADF Country Performance Assessment (CPA)
25/03/2011 2010-CPIA Questionnaire