Economic and Sector Work

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02-Oct-2013 Sierra Leone - Transitioning Towards Green Growth: Stocktaking and the Way Forward - Full Report
26-Sep-2013 The AfDB at the Center of Africa’s Transformation
26-Sep-2013 Power Africa Initiative Brochure
23-Sep-2013 Public Financial Governance for Inclusive Development in Africa
23-Sep-2013 Zimbabwe - Monthly Economic Review - August 2013
18-Sep-2013 Sénégal - 2013 - Profil pays - Un aperçu des interventions du Groupe de la BAD
16-Sep-2013 Africa Food Security Brief - Issue 4
11-Sep-2013 Climate Finance Quarterly Newsletter - Issue N°21 - May-June-July 2013
11-Sep-2013 Policy Brief - Perfomance Contracts and Social Service Delivery - Lessons from Rwanda
10-Sep-2013 South Sudan - A Study on Competitiveness and Cross Border Trade With Neighbouring Countries
06-Sep-2013 South Sudan Infrastructure Action Plan - A Program for Sustained Strong Economic Growth - Full Report
28-Aug-2013 East Africa Quarterly Bulletin - Second Quarter 2013
22-Aug-2013 São Tomé-et-Principe - Environnement de l’investissement privé - Version Portugaise
22-Aug-2013 Angola - Environnement de l’Investissement Privé - Version Portugaise
22-Aug-2013 Silicon Kenya: Harnessing ICT Innovations for Economic Development
05-Aug-2013 Regional Integration Policy Papers - Intra-Regional Trade in Southern Africa: Structure, Performance and Challenges
01-Aug-2013 An Infrastructure Action Plan for Nigeria - Closing the Infrastructure Gap and Accelerating Economic Transformation
29-Jul-2013 Zimbabwe - Monthly Economic Review - July 2013
11-Jul-2013 The AfDB Group in North Africa 2013
10-Jul-2013 Fostering Development Through Trade Finance Brochure - Summary Version