Project Appraisal Reports

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30-Jan-2020 South Sudan - Juba Power Distribution Systems Rehabilitation and Expansion Project - Project Appraisal Report
30-Jan-2020 Multinational - Project to Support The Inclusion of Training in Road, Railway and Mining Trades in “CONSEIL DE L’ENTENTE” Member Countries (PAIF) - Project Appraisal Report
30-Jan-2020 Senegal - Project To Support And Promote Women’s And Youth Entrepreneurial Initiatives: PHASE I (PAVIE I) - Project Appraisal Report
30-Jan-2020 Congo - Project to Develop the Lovua-Tshikapa Section of the Batshamba-Tshikapa Road - Project Appraisal Report
29-Jan-2020 Rwanda - Regional ICT Centre of Excellence Project - Project Appraisal Report
29-Jan-2020 Malawi - Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay Road Rehabilitation Project - Project Appraisal Report
29-Jan-2020 Uganda - Road Sector Support Project 4 - Project Appraisal Report
29-Jan-2020 Sudan - Capacity Building for Improved Quality of Education System and Skills Development - Project Appraisal Report
29-Jan-2020 Somalia - Economic and Financial Governance Project (EFGP) - Project Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Mauritius - Saint Louis Power Plant Redevelopment Project - Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Angola - Institutional Capacity Building for Private Sector Development Project (ICBPSDP) - Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Kingdom of Morocco - Integrated Wind-Hydro and Rural Electrification Programme - Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Comoros - Institutional Capacity Building Project (ICBP I) Phase II - Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Burkina Faso - Desert To Power” Initiative – Yeleen Solar Plant Development And National Power System Reinforcement Project - Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Burkina Faso – Projet d’Appui à la Transformation de l’Economie et à la Création de l’Emploi (PATECE) - Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Madagascar - Economic Competitiveness Support Programme, Phase III (PACE III) - Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Ethiopia - Institutional Support Project for Public-Private Partnerships (ISP-PPP) - Project Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Morroco - Power Transmission Network Development And Rural Electrification Programme (Pdrte-Er) - Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 Côte d'Ivoire - Economic and Social Reform Support Programme (PARES) - Project Appraisal Report
24-Jan-2020 DRC - Batshamba-Tshikapa road improvement project– Loange Bridge-Lovua bridge section - Project Appraisal Report