Project Appraisal Reports

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18-Mar-2019 Senegal - Project for support to skills development and youth entrepreneurship in growth sectors - Appraisal Report
14-Mar-2019 Sierra Leone - Fiscal Consolidation Support Programme - FCSP
07-Mar-2019 Gambia - Africa Disaster Risks Financing (ADRIFI) - Appraisal Report
06-Mar-2019 Zimbabwe - Urgent Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project – Consolidation Works - Additional Financing Grant Proposal
27-Feb-2019 Togo - Togo Agro-Food Processing Zone Project (PTA-TOGO) - Appraisal Report
26-Feb-2019 Mauritania - Agricultural Transformation Support Project (PATAM) - Appraisal Report
24-Feb-2019 Ethiopia - Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks - Support Project (IAIPSP) - Appraisal Report
22-Feb-2019 Multinational - The Global Environment Facility for the Programme to rehabilitate and strengthen the resilience of lake Chad basin systems (PRESIBALT)
22-Feb-2019 Liberia - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Program II (EGCSP II)
22-Feb-2019 Mozambique - Massingir Dam Emergency Rehabilitation Project Supplementary Loan II (MDERP-SLII) - Appraisal Report
22-Feb-2019 Madagascar - Economic Competitiveness Support Programme - Phase II (PACE II)
22-Feb-2019 Gabon - Economic and Financial Reforms Support Programme – Phase III (PAREF III) – Supplemental Funding - Appraisal Report
22-Feb-2019 Mali - Project to support the competitiveness of the malian economy (PACEM) – Appraisal report
22-Feb-2019 Chad - Economic Recovery Support Programme (PARE), Phase I – Appraisal report
22-Feb-2019 Chad - Feasibility study for the development of 135 000 HA of irrigation schemes - Appraisal Report
22-Feb-2019 Ethiopia - The Basic Services Transformation Programme (BSTP) Supplementary Financing – Appraisal report
19-Feb-2019 Gabon - Water and Sanitation Sector Development Programme - First Libreville Integrated Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (PIAEPAL) - Drinking Water Component – Appraisal report
11-Feb-2019 Nigeria - Abia State Integrated Infrastructure Development Project (ABSIIDP) Preparation Studies - Appraisal Report
01-Feb-2019 Malawi - Nkhata Bay Town Water Supply and Sanitation - Appraisal Report
31-Jan-2019 Chad - Project to build resilience for food security and nutrition in Chad’s rural communities - Appraisal Report