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12/01/2017 Madagascar - Energy Sector Reform Support Programme (PARSE) - Appraisal report

Categories: Madagascar, Energy & Power

06/04/2016 Madagascar - Appraisal Report - Economic Management Reform Support Programme
01/10/2015 Madagascar - Mid-West Nascent Rural Businesses Project

Categories: Madagascar

12/11/2014 Madagascar - Appraisal Report- Emergency Economic Recovery Programme (PURE)-11 2014

Categories: Madagascar

22/10/2013 Madagascar - Road Infrastructure Development Project (RN9 Befandriana and Pomay Bridges) (PAIR) - Appraisal Report
19/09/2013 Madagascar - Institutional Governance Support Project (PAGI) - Appraisal Report
23/07/2013 Multinational - Central Africa Biodiversity Conservation Programme - Protecting Central Africa’s Elephants - Appraisal Report
20/06/2013 Madagascar - South-West Region Agricultural Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (PRIASO) - Appraisal Report
20/12/2012 ECCAS - ECCAS Institutional Capacity Building Support (PARCI-ECCAS) - Appraisal Report
27/09/2012 Madagascar - Nascent Rural Businesses Project for the Middle-West - Appraisal Report
02/03/2012 Multinational - Support to Agricultural Research for Development on Strategic Crops in Africa (SARD-SC) - Appraisal Report
03/12/2008 Madagascar - Lower Mangoky Irrigation Area Rehabilitation Project - Appraisal Report
The sector goal of the project is to strengthen food security. Its specific objective is to increase rice production and improve productivity. The project components are as follows: (i) Rehabilitation of Irrigation...Read more
02/07/2008 Madagascar - Poverty Reduction Budget Support Programme Phase II - Appraisal Report
21/12/2005 Madagascar - Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme - Appraisal Report
16/11/2005 Madagascar - Tuléar Fishing Communities Support Project (PACP) - Appraisal Report
08/12/2004 Madagascar - Project On Institutional Capacity Building For Good Governance (PRIBG) - Appraisal Report
11/04/2001 Madagascar - The Grand Sud Rural Potable Water and Sanitation Project - Appraisal Report
29/03/2001 Madagascar - Preventive Locust Control - Appraisal Report