Project Appraisal Reports

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17-Oct-2019 Zambia - Sustainable Livestock Infrastructure Management Project (SLIMP) - Project Appraisal Reports
16-Oct-2019 Sudan - Sustainable Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project for North and South Kordofan - Project Appraisal Reports
16-Oct-2019 Tunisia - Project to develop and equip the power transmission grid (PAERTE) - Project Appraisal Reports
10-Oct-2019 Republic of the Gambia - The Gambia Electricity Access Project (GEAP) - Project Appraisal Reports
04-Oct-2019 Malawi - Sustainable Fisheries, Aquaculture Development And Watershed Management Project - Project Appraisal Report
02-Oct-2019 Ghana - Savannah Investment Programme - Project appraisal report
01-Oct-2019 Kenya - Kenol - Kagana - Marua Highway improvement Project - Appraisal Report
01-Oct-2019 Benin - Rural Electrification Project (PERU) - Appraisal Report
01-Oct-2019 Nigeria - Nigeria energy access fund (NEAF) - Project summary note
01-Oct-2019 Benin - Support Project For Cotonou Stormwater Drainage Programme (PAPC) - Appraisal Report
30-Sep-2019 Guinea - Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones Development Programme (PDZTA-BK) - Project Appraisal Reports
27-Sep-2019 Eritrea – Groundwater Assessment, Aquifer Mapping and Well Development Project - Project Appraisal Reports
27-Sep-2019 Uganda - Electricity Transport (Mbarara – Nkenda & Tororo – Lira Power Transmission Lines) - Project Appraisal Reports
24-Sep-2019 Multinational - Say No to Famine: Short-Term Regional Emergency Response Project (STRERP)
24-Sep-2019 Kenya - Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) Airfield Expansion Project - 2nd Runway Development - Appraisal report
24-Sep-2019 Mali - Mini Hydropower Plants and Related Distribution Networks Development Project (PDM-Hydro)
24-Sep-2019 Multinational - Lobito Corridor Trade Facilitation Project
24-Sep-2019 Multinational - Lake Victoria Maritime Communications and Transport Project - Appraisal report
18-Sep-2019 Guinea Bissau - Value Chains, Agricultural and Rural Entrepreneurship Support Project (PACVEAR) Approved - Appraisal Report
18-Sep-2019 South Sudan - Strategic Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project (SWSSIP) Approved - Project Appraisal Report