Project Appraisal Reports

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17-Dec-2018 Madagascar - Indian Ocean - Project to develop corridors and facilitate trade – Appraisal report
17-Dec-2018 eSwatini - Manzini Region Water Supply and Sanitation Project – Appraisal Report
17-Dec-2018 Nigeria - Institutional Support for Economic Management and Delivery Project - Appraisal Report
14-Dec-2018 Sierra Leone - Project Freetown Wash and Aquatic Environment Revamping Project - Appraisal Report
14-Dec-2018 Mali - Project for the economic empowerment of women in the shea butter subsector (PAEFFK) – Appraisal report
08-Oct-2018 Rwanda - Scaling Up Electricity Access Program Phase II (SEAP II) - Appraisal Report
08-Oct-2018 Multinational - Mano River Union Road Development and Transport Facilitation Programme, Phase II - Appraisal Report
08-Oct-2018 Cameroon - Livestock and Fish Farming Value Chains Development Project (PD-CVEP) - Appraisal Report
16-Aug-2018 Namibia - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Programme - Phase II (EGCSP II) - Streamlined Appraisal Report
16-Aug-2018 Central African Republic -Addendum - Central Africa Fibre-Optic Backbone Project (CAB) – CAR Component
16-Aug-2018 Tanzania - Good Governance and Private Sector Development Programme (GGPSDP) - Appraisal Report
16-Aug-2018 Morocco - Inclusive and Sustainable Development Support Program for Agricultural Sectors (PADIDFA) - Appraisal Report
16-Aug-2018 Sudan - Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (AVCDP)
16-Aug-2018 Tanzania - Tanzania initiative for preventing aflatoxin contamination (TANIPAC) - Appraisal Report
16-Aug-2018 Gabon - Economic Diversification Support Project (PADEG) - Appraisal Report
16-Aug-2018 Guinea-Bissau - Aide d'urgence pour la lutte contre l'invasion de la chenille légionnaire d'automne
16-Aug-2018 Senegal - Project to Open Up Production Areas in Support of the National Local Development Programme (PDZP/PNDL) - Appraisal Report
16-Aug-2018 Cabo Verde - Private Sector Competitiveness and Local Economic Development Programme (PSC-LED) PHASE I
16-Aug-2018 Uganda - Strategic Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project (STWSSP)
16-Aug-2018 Senegal - Rehabilitation of the Senoba – Ziguinchor -Mpack Road and Opening Up of the Southern Regions