Project Appraisal Reports

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23-May-2013 Cape Verde - Praia Airport Expansion and Modernisation Project (PEMAP) - Appraisal Report
15-May-2013 Angola - Fisheries Sector Support Project - Appraisal Report
15-May-2013 Gambia - Food and Agriculture Sector Development Project (FASDEP) - Appraisal Report
08-May-2013 Mali - Emergency Economic Recovery Support Programme (EERSP) - Emergency Grants
12-Dec-2012 Congo - Rural Electrification - Appraisal Report
06-Dec-2012 Mozambique - Nacala Road Corridor Project - Phase III - Appraisal Report
06-Dec-2012 Multinational - East African Community (EAC) - Payment and Settlement Systems Integration Project - Appraisal Report - Updated on 12 December 2012
29-Nov-2012 Djibouti - Water Supply and Sanitation in the Rural Areas of Tadjoura, Arta and Ali Sabieh Districts, the District Centres of Tadjoura and Ali Sabieh - Appraisal Report
29-Nov-2012 Morocco - Economic and Financial Governance Revitalization Support Programme - PARGEF - Phase I - Appraisal Report
29-Nov-2012 Tunisia - Economic Recovery and Inclusive Development Support Programme - Appraisal Report
23-Nov-2012 Cameroon - Kumba-Mamfe Road Development Project - Appraisal Report
23-Nov-2012 Uganda - Support to Higher Education Science and Technology (HEST) Project - Appraisal Report
19-Nov-2012 Niger - Support Programme for Inclusive Growth and the Strengthening of Food Security (PACIRSA) - Appraisal Report
19-Nov-2012 Gambia - Economic and Financial Governance Operation - Phase I - Appraisal Report
19-Nov-2012 Kenya - Support to the Enhancement of Quality and Relevance in Higher Education Science and Technology Project - Appraisal Report
18-Apr-2012 Multinational - Congo Basin MRV Regional Project-Phase I - Appraisal Report
18-Apr-2012 Multinational - Enhancing the Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Products to Food Security in Central Africa - Appraisal Report
05-Apr-2012 Tanzania - Road Sector Support Project II - Appraisal Report
29-Sep-2011 Niger - National Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (Nrdwssp) (Phase II: Second Sub-Programme - 2011-2014) - Appraisal Report
29-Sep-2011 Zambia - Fourth Poverty Reduction Budget Support (PRBS IV) - Appraisal Report